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Coated Gutter System

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Another option for matching your gutter to your home is with a coated gutter system. Coated steel is one of the least expensive options for coated gutter choices, along with vinyl and aluminum. Copper coated gutters are more expensive, but are worth the money for the attractiveness they will bring to your home. Copper and steel are both stronger and more durable than aluminum, and can usually even withstand ladders, fallen tree limbs, and heavy ice or snow. However, unprotected steel can oxidize, or form rust, under certain weather conditions. Having a coating on steel gutters lessens this affect. Most coatings are made by using galvanized zinc or a combination of aluminum and zinc. The aluminum and zinc-coated gutters provide an outstanding resistance to the elements.

For homeowners, architects, or business owners who want to opt for the more environmentally friendly and durable option of using copper gutters on their home, but want an earthy-grey tone, lead coated copper gutters are the perfect option. Lead coated copper gutters have been around since the early 1900s, not long after copper gutters themselves were created. With the same long-lasting and protective attributes as copper, lead coated copper gutters weathers to a matte grey color. These types of gutters are perfect for matching buildings with light-colored materials such as masonry, marble limestone, stucco and light painted woodwork. Lead coated copper gutters are available in a variety of different styles, including half-round, quarter round, seamless, and K-style.

Stone coated gutter cap is also available for those who want to upgrade their gutter system and match their roof. The stone coat gutter cap is a metal dome gutter cover system, which blocks leaves and debris from falling into the gutter. Stone coat gutter cap is the thickest gutter protection panel and can withstand severe weather conditions. This durability is due to the thick gauge aluminum alloy used to construct it. Coated gutters or gutter caps are reliable additions that provide more options for those who are looking for a more suitable color for their home.

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