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Stainless Steel Gutter

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A stainless steel gutter system is more commonly used for commercial properties, but some residential homes can benefit from installing them. Stainless steel gutters are one of the strongest rain materials available and can normally last between 50 to 70 years. The stainless steel gutter is made from a mixture of steel and chromium, which is where it gets its shiny appearance when polished and rust-proof properties. Almost any size or type of gutter can be made in stainless steel, including K-Style stainless gutters, half round stainless steel gutters, and stainless steel box gutters. A stainless steel gutter is also available as curved or radius gutter sections.

Stainless steel gutters are eco-friendly and very similar to their counterparts, zinc and copper gutters. However, stainless steel gutters will stay shiny much longer than other metal gutters, especially if the metal is periodically cleaned. These strong gutters can withstand much harsher conditions than aluminum gutters can, without cracking or warping from intense heat. They are also corrosion-resistant and will stay in place even during severe weather conditions, from rain to snow or ice. For this reason, stainless steel gutters are perfect for homes near the beach or salt water.

Since the stainless steel gutter is so strong, it is the best option for commercial buildings, or in abusive and high traffic conditions. Galvanized steel gutters is an affordable option, but stainless steel gutters are more rust-resistant than galvanized steel and are longer-lasting. In addition, stainless steel gutters will not change color like copper gutters can or dull over the years like galvanized gutters. Stainless steel is much easier to install than copper because of its light weight and material. With a little bit of care, stainless steel gutters will have a lasting effect on your home.

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