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Gutters, including Aluminum gutter systems, are the first line in defense in protecting your home from weather damage and are essential for keeping your home in good working order. Having good quality gutters eliminates many problems that your home could experience without gutters. Some of these problems include: unstable soil around the house, which can lead to foundation problems, flooding in or around the house, especially in the basement, water damage to the siding of your home, and cracking in the sidewalk, patios, or driveway. Water runoff can even stain stone or brick work! Proper gutter installation and maintenance are essential to ensuring your home can withstand any weather conditions.

The Aluminum gutter is the most commonly used gutters by homeowners. They became popular more than 30 years ago, when they were considered a breakthrough technology compared to the previous gutters made from galvanized steel. Unlike the galvanized steel gutters, aluminum gutters do not rust and can be easily painted or molded to fit the shape of the roof.

Aluminum gutters are available in 5 or 6 inches. The standard gutter size is 5 inches. For homeowners considering an upgrade, 6-inch aluminum gutters can hold more water and prevent the overflow of water. When we install aluminum gutters, we secure them to the fascia with hidden hangers and screws every 24 inches. All strip miters are secured with painted stainless steel screws and sealed. These gutters can also come in a variety of different colors to match the roof line. The color is baked on in the factory. Even with the colors, aluminum gutters will not oxidize, rust or change color as fast as other traditional gutters. This ensures that your gutters will not only work well, but also look good for many years to come!

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