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Understanding Various Types of Gutter Systems

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So, you know you need to hire a local gutter company, but do you know exactly what type of gutter system you want in place? Ask the average homeowner and chances are that they don’t know.

It’s not the type of information you usually have and assume there’s one basic type of system – yet that’s not true. Let us help you better understand some of your options so you can determine what might be best for you.

Variety of Gutter Systems

Gone are the days of just traditional gutter systems. The majority of options you have are listed below, and they are far from just old-fashioned standard gutters.

  • Seamless Gutters – You can have just about any style of gutter but make it seamless. As the name implies, this is comprised of seamless pieces so that there are no easy targets for leak locations and less chance of debris getting stuck.
  • K Style Gutters – This style of gutter is popular for its ability to look like exterior crown molding, they also have a seamless finish. So, you get elevated visual aesthetics and can reduce the likelihood of water damage.
  • Half Round Gutters – Similar to the benefits of K-style gutters, half round are often preferred because of the interior smoothness. This helps lower the chances of corrosion because there’s less opportunity for lingering moisture.
  • Box Gutters – Box gutters are used in places where the preference is to blend the gutters in seamlessly, when it comes to visual detection.
  • Yankee Gutters – This classic style of gutter is still used for historic homes. They’re ideal for handling high volumes of water and can actually last for up to a century with little to no maintenance.
  • Copper Gutters – Obviously, one of the most common reasons homeowners prefer copper gutters is their visual appeal. This gutter system also ages naturally with the home which enriches the beauty of both the gutters and the home.

To find out more, let our team at New Jersey Gutter LLC help you further your knowledge. For all of your New Jersey gutter company service needs, give our team of experts a call, today!

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